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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 17: Love Promotes Intimacy

The Dare:

Determine to guard your mate's secrets (unless they are dangerous to them or to you) and to pray for them. Talk with your spouse, and resolve to demonstrate love in spite of these issues. Really listen to them when they share personal thoughts and struggles with you. Make them feel safe.

The Questions:

How much of an effort is it for you to hold back from saying something, critical or otherwise? What have you learned about your spouse today, simply from listening?

My Thoughts:

Kyle and I don't have any real secrets, but if we did, I would definitely feel safe sharing with him and him with me. We trust each other wholeheartedly. I have no doubt that we are each others comfort in good times and bad times and we can lean on each other for everything.


  1. I'm glad you both are able to be so open with each other!!

  2. I would never tell any secrets, but I dont think we really have any, either. of course, every married couple has private stuff that you wouldnt share...

  3. I must tell you, I have been thinking over starting the love dare. I have been reluctant only because of the situation Beloved and I are in. You can read the beginning at
    But I think the love dare is what I need. Maybe he needs it, too.
    Secrets is something I'm struggling with right now. So much of our situation is dealing with things he'd like to keep secret, and, things that I'd like to honor his wishes about, but also need to express my feelings over. It is really a fine line. I am trying to find it and keep on the right side of it. ; )
    I'll be following you! If I DO start a LoveDare blog, I'll let you know.

  4. I have the Love Dare and want to do it with my husband, him not knowing. I'm glad you are doing this. I need to start mine.

  5. So, did you give up on this or what? ;)

  6. Dealing with infertility can either strengthen a couple's relationship or destroy it.I have seen it happen both ways with 2 of my best friends. I'm so glad y'all have such a strong bond. :)

  7. I didn't realize you were doing the Love Dare as well. Good for you!
    I'll have to keep up wiht you as you're about 5 days further in it than I am (and clearly you don't do it every day either ;)