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Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 10: Love Is Unconditional

The Dare:

Do something out of the ordinary today for your spouse - something that proves (to you and to them) that your love is based on your choice and nothing else. Wash her car. Clean the kitchen. Buy his favorite dessert. Fold the laundry. Demonstrate love to them for the sheer joy of being their partner in marriage.

The Questions:

Has your love in the past been based on your spouse's attributes and behavior, or on your commitment? How can you continue to show love when it's not returned in a way you hoped for?

My Thoughts:

First of all, did you see this post on my primary blog?

If not, go check it out and then come back here. you saw what a feat it was to get that project done, right?

It's been a project that's needed to be completed for quite some time. Kyle has mentioned me getting it tackled multiple times, but like I said in that post, I don't want to be the only one taking care of the laundry. We both wear the clothes, we both need clean laundry but both of us to do not participate in keeping it up.

So, I've given up and just let it go.

But, I knew it needed to be taken care of. I mean, it's ridiculous that we have to go in that room every morning and dig through the mountain of clothes to find anything to wear. It's annoying and pathetic.

So, when I decided to tackle this project, I was doing it because it needed to be done. BUT I also did it because I knew that it would really mean a lot to Kyle. While it took me the entire day, plus some, to get it done I just kept on thinking of what his reaction was going to be. I could just picture the smile on his face.

When he got home and started walking towards our computer room (next door) I ran behind him and showed him what I had done. Then I showed him his pile of t-shirts. LOL He was definitely surprised and thankful that I had taken on this project. I can't remember if it was that night or a couple nights later, but he thanked me for "doing the clothes".

I told him that he was going to have to go through his clothes and figure out which ones to donate because he was not keeping all of them...two large garbage bags later...then he helped put all of his remaining clothes away.

It's been good for both of us. And at this moment, there is a basket of clean clothes that need to be folded but I have kept up with it for almost a week now. That's amazing, to say the least. lol

On another day, Kyle decided to take out a wall.

Yes, another project...but this one WILL be completed, along with a bunch of others that have been ignored for the past three years! He promises it will be totally complete in a month. Woohoo!

But back to this particular project.

He asked me to vacuum up the remnants of the drywall and I did so with very little complaint. The only thing I said to him was that it would be easier and make more sense to take the drop cloth and shake it off outside...which he said he was planning on why was I vacuuming it?

I stopped right then and just vacuumed the hardwood floor and carpet.

All this to say that I love my husband immensely.

I do things with and for him because my love for him is unconditional. Sometimes we may say things like the above cartoon, but in reality it's all in fun and just joking around.

I continue and will continue to do things for him. I make it a regular habit to bring him treats or get things for him that I know he'll enjoy.

It brings me happiness to see him happy.


  1. wow, that is really sweet. sometimes, I feel like Im just responding to Sweethearts behavior, and I want to do something EXTRA so its obvious that Im doing it because I love him and not just because he is sweet to me. I dont usuallly do yucky jobs... I think I will make that extra effort.

  2. WOW, what a feat you tackled. I don't know if I would have been able to do that by myself, way to go! I am so glad that he responded the way he did and yay to him for donating the clothes and helping you put the rest away! Good luck on the new projects, we have projects that have needed to be done for 4 years or so but we always find something else to do. Thanks for sharing your love dare. I have one too if you care to read.

  3. Wonderful! And your project turned out great!

  4. Stopping by from SITS to say Hi!

  5. oh, i Love the comic in this post! It sounds like you two have a very good relationship...willing to work through everything together! It is good to see that these days! stopping by from SITS!